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Online Account Services Authentication


Enhancing your security for Online Account Services – MemberDirect® Increased Authentication

MemberDirect® Increased Authentication improves the safety of the online account services environment by adding a challenge question and answer during the login stage.

MemberDirect Increased Authentication uses RSA security software to authenticate Members based on their Personal Access Code (PAC) and the specific computer they use to log in. This double authentication increases protection against fraudulent activity.


How Do I Set Up Enhanced Security?

When setting up Increased Authentication, you will be provided with a group of challenge questions. You will have to choose three questions and provide answers for the questions. 

By clicking the “Register this computer” box you can register your personal computer so that we recognize it is you. Once your computer is registered, each time you log in, you will only need to enter your Debit Card Number and your PAC. When you Login from a computer that is not registered, we will ask you one of the three challenge questions just to make sure it is you trying to access your account.

Note: You should only register your computer if you are the owner or sole user of the computer (such as your home or personal work computer). DO NOT register a shared work or public computer.

What Happens Next?

On your computer: Every time you log in, you will be asked to enter your Personal Access Code (PAC).

On a shared computer: If you log in to a shared computer, (i.e. at a library) you will be asked one of the three challenge questions. Upon answering a challenge question correctly, you will need to enter your PAC and will then be able to access your account.


If you have any questions regarding the our enhanced security procedures, or need any assistance logging into your online accounts, please call the Member Service Centre at 1-866-800-ARTS (2787).