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Registerest Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Smart savings for a bright future


Planning for your child’s post-secondary education

RESPs are tax-sheltered savings plans registered by the Canadian government. They are a great way to invest in college or university and your child’s future.


Why start an RESP?

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Get FREE money

The federal government adds to your savings through the Canada Education Savings Grant.

Every year, 20% of every $2,500 is matched – up to a lifetime maximum of $7,200 per child.

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Maximize your investment

Contributions grow tax free in the RESP so your savings grow faster.

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Pay less tax

When post-secondary starts, funds withdrawn are taxed in the child’s name so students with little or no income won’t pay much tax on the withdrawals.

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​​Access additional grants

Lower income families may also qualify for the Canada Learning Bond.

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​​No downside

If the child doesn’t pursue a post-secondary education, you have options.

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