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Encompass Home System Warranty Program


Introducing the Encompass Home System Warranty Program

Your home isn't just a place; it's your sanctuary. When you entrust your mortgage to Creative Arts Financial, you secure your home and your peace of mind. We're excited to introduce the Encompass™ Home System Warranty Program, meticulously designed to elevate your homeownership experience, providing reassurance and worry-free living.

Receive one full year of protection, absolutely FREE!

While owning a home brings immense joy, it can also come with unexpected uncertainties, especially when your home systems require repair. Our Encompass Home System Warranty Program is here to provide you with that peace of mind. For the first year, we offer complimentary coverage as our gift to you, safeguarding you from unexpected and potentially significant repair costs, with coverage of up to $10,000 annually for eligible home system repairs.

What’s included?

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Central heating and air conditioning

Coverage includes all electrical and mechanical parts, encompassing heating systems, fireplaces, and air conditioners.

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Protection extends to blocked, leaking, broken water, gas, drain, vent, or waste pipes. Please note that limitations may apply if the source of the problem is external to your home.

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All switches, circuits, breaker panels, and fuse boxes are covered.

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Owned water heater and water softener

All parts, excluding rental units.

Enrollment details

This complimentary benefit is available with most new Creative Arts Financial mortgages, including MeritLine Home Equity Lines of Credit. You may be eligible if you're renewing your mortgage and still need to receive the free protection period. Look for the enrollment clause in your mortgage commitment or renewal documents. You'll receive a Warranty Certificate detailing the program's benefits upon closing or renewing your mortgage.

Beyond the first year

Following the initial year, a minimal program fee of only $19.99 monthly (plus applicable taxes) will seamlessly integrate into your mortgage payments. Encompass Home Service manages all services, and you can cancel your participation in the Encompass Home System Warranty Program at any time.

Sign up when you are ready to arrange or renew your mortgage

Download our Encompass Home System Warranty Program brochure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your coverage will begin on your mortgage closing date if you have checked ‘Yes’ and signed the enrollment form.

No. Creative Arts Financial members can participate in the program on a pre-approved basis. No inspection is required, although it is a requirement that all home systems are in working order at the time of mortgage closing.

No. You’ll pay only the $50 deductible.

The program is designed to provide repair services for spontaneous breakdowns of your home’s systems. It does not include services for problems where the underlying cause is:

  • Rust or corrosion;
  • An external act including natural and electrical events and/or anything caused by a person;
  • Failure to perform routine maintenance as specified by the manufacturer;
  • Improper installation, improper use, improper construction, alteration, modification, addition to or deletion from any home system or use in a manner other than as approved or recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Inadequacy or lack of capacity of any item;
  • Freezing or heating of plumbing system;
  • Structural defects, latent defects and/or asbestos, lead or the disposal of refrigerants, contaminants, or other hazardous materials;
  • Any dishonest act;
  • Violations of building codes or by-laws.

Please note the warranty program also doesn’t cover any consequential loss or damage or anything else already covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you live in a condo, the warranty program does not cover loss or damage to or from other condo units, common areas, or any other loss or damage that is the responsibility of your condominium corporation.

To make a claim under the Encompass Home System Warranty Program, you can call the Encompass 24-hour claim service at 1‑866‑217‑5993.

For general inquiries regarding your coverage, you may email


Our Member Solutions Team can help with mortgages over the phone

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This Program is provided by Encompass Home Service Corp™® and available to residents of Ontario. The first year of coverage is courtesy of Creative Arts Financial. After the first year, a Program fee of $19.99 per month (plus applicable taxes) will be conveniently added to your mortgage payments. You may cancel your participation in the Program at any time. The information provided is only an outline of coverages available and is not intended to be a legally binding agreement. For exact terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions, please refer to your Warranty Certificate.