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Condominium Services


Solid solutions designed specifically for you

Creative Arts Financial provides custom fit financial solutions for condominium boards and property managers. Our program was designed with more than 18 years of experience in helping the condominium industry prosper.


Here’s how we can help.

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​​Investment Planning Tool

Planning finances and a formal investment plan for an entire building is a big responsibility. We can help with our 10-year investment plan.

We’ll use your latest Reserve Fund Study to provide turn-key investment solutions – usually within 24 hours – while improving your overall rate of return.

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​​Deposit Rates

We have industry-leading GIC rates and can include unique redemption options.

Our condominium specialists can generate additional interest income while you get peace of mind in the event of unexpected expenditures.


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​Deposit Insurance covers $250,000 (more than the banks!)

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), the provincial government agency that insures credit unions, increased coverage on non-registered deposits to $250,000.

This is a major step for condo boards that make several investments to spread risk coverage.


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