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What We Are Doing To Protect Your Security


We take many precautions to protect your online accounts to ensure your information remains safe.

Our online services protect your personal and financial information while in transit between your computer and our server. We use industry standard security techniques including strong encryption to ensure your information cannot be intercepted or altered in transit.

To ensure the protection of your data, our site may require you to upgrade your web browser before connecting. In such cases, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version as it is both free and secure.

We also ensure only individuals who correctly provide a Personal Access Code (PAC) can access their financial information. To help you protect your information, your online account session will end automatically if there has been no activity for 15 minutes.


About Increased Authentication

This feature provides an additional step to the login process. Upon registering, you are required to set up three security questions with challenging, hard-to-guess answers for each one. Whenever you log in to online or mobile banking, you may be asked to answer one of your three questions for security purposes.

Do not include personal information or private data in your answers to ensure they are unique.


Help with Online Security

If you need help setting up your increased authentication, please visit our Online Banking Help section.


Access to our databases is strictly controlled and security systems include the physical security of creativeartsfinancial Credit Union’s computer hardware and communications.

For more information on the policies and practices we use to protect the personal and financial information of our members, please view our Privacy Statement.