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Branch Manager

Nick Eddy

Nick Eddy

I am Nick Eddy and I'm the new branch manager at Creative Arts Financial.

I’ve been in the financial services industry for 20 years, both in Canada and abroad. During my time at another Ontario-based credit union, my background in financial planning gave me the opportunity to help people with long term and short-term goals like retirement, buying a house, tax minimization and savings. I developed an appreciation for the cooperative approach credit unions offer. That’s why it’s so exciting to join the cast of Creative Arts Financial – which is based on cooperative principles too. We are committed to becoming the leading provider of financial services to the arts and entertainment industry and their families.

I am passionate about providing guidance to help members achieve their financial goals and doing what I can to make planning for the future a little easier. I also have a keen interest in educating people about financial literacy for the next generation — I want to help build a better tomorrow!

Growing up, I ran the show at our family-owned video store in Tasmania, Australia. This helped me gain valuable insight into what it takes to successfully operate a business and build relationships. Having lived in London, England, for a number of years, I now call Toronto home with my family.

In my spare time, you can find me traveling and working around the house or playing the role of an amateur woodworker or gardener.

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