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Welcome to Creative Arts Financial. Big things are happening here!

It’s official!

The process of building Creative Arts Financial starts now and will be completed over the next several months. We will keep Members informed of any changes along the way to make the transition as seamless as possible. During this time, you can continue to manage your finances, accounts and daily banking the same way you have always done. Your existing CASCU debit card, cheques and online banking access all work as they did before and Frank Manzo will continue to lead his team of dedicated staff to support you.

Then, in Spring 2021 when the transition is fully complete and Creative Arts Financial makes its debut, Members will be able to access full service on all their existing accounts at any FirstOntario branch, our Personal Assisted Teller live video service and through FirstOntarios 24/7 online and mobile banking. Members will also receive their newly branded Creative Arts Financial debit card that will give Members access to their current products and all of FirstOntarios offerings.

Over the next several months, we will be sharing updates about the work we are doing and progress we are making so stay tuned! For now, we will sign off by sharing this video our first production together featuring a talented group of people who all share the same values and commitment to financial health, community and each other.

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